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Keep track of your jobs

Send your engineers the details to get jobs done.

Quote for a job on Orthinc and add it to your engineers' job sheets, so they can access details, files and instructions when they're working in the field.

Keep track of your jobs
Orthinc job management software on mobile devices

Record info and updates from the field.

Record job data from the field as your jobs progress, including labour time and materials used, and make notes and take pictures of important developments.

Track your jobs as they progress.

Job data from the field is delivered to your fingertips. From parts used to labour time, you get it all instantly, without the hassle.

Change the status of your jobs
Create invoices using data collected from the field

Accurately invoice using collected data.

Collected job data is used to automatically calculate your materials costs, labour costs and more, so you can quickly create accurate and professional invoices.

When you create a job on Orthinc and assign your engineers, the job is instantly added to their job sheets on their phones. Each job contains the details your engineers need to get the job done. They can access the job out in the field, view its details and quickly send any information back to your office. From the amount of time they have spent on site to the materials they have used to any notes they have made – it is all sent to you and your admin staff.

This makes managing your work far easier. Each of your staff have their jobs in their pockets and you get all the information you need for invoicing instantly sent to your office. Sound good?

Orthinc is the easy, centralised place to store and share files for each job. Each job has its own dedicated files area, where you and your staff can upload, share and view files like plans, reports, manuals and pictures.

When you upload a file to a job, it is attached to the job forever. The file is kept safe and secure and is protected from damage that hard copies risk. Your engineers assigned to the job can access the file when they’re out in the field, helping them complete their jobs easier. Files can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, simplifying your communications and improving your team’s efficiency.

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Contracting businesses with poor purchase order code systems often face costly problems that they sometimes aren’t even aware of.

Before we created Orthinc, many businesses would lose track of their orders. Their field engineers would walk into their suppliers, make up codes and buy things for themselves. This was all fine until it came to billing.

At the end of the month when the invoices for the orders arrived, the admin staff didn’t know which jobs the orders were for, who made the orders, when they were made and where they were from! They were undercharging on their own invoices, wasting time sorting the paperwork and in some case, being billed for orders they didn’t even make.

We collaborated with contractors from a variety of trades to create the perfect solution. Using Orthinc, you and your engineers can generate order codes for orders you make using our app. The order is automatically assigned to the job in real time, allowing you to know what orders were made, when parts were purchased, where they were purchase and by who. When you receive the invoices for the materials, you can easily cross-reference the codes and confirm that you ordered the parts. This means you have an excellent record of all of your orders and can quickly create your accurate invoice. No more disorganisation, no more wasted time and no more lost money.

Using Orthinc, your engineers can easily record how much time they spend on a job. They just hit ‘Log Time’ on the mobile app when they arrive on-site and press it again when they leave the site. The recorded time will appear in real-time on your desktop. On the breakdown for each staff member, their individual recordings are shown alongside a map displaying where and when the staff member started and stopped recording.

The total time spent working on the job and associated costs are automatically calculated. You can easily see how much time each of your staff have spent working, how much to pay your staff and how much to charge your client. The total labour time for the job is shown in a job summary when the job is complete, which can be used to accurately invoice.

When your staff use in-house stock out in the field, you need to know what has been used and for which jobs. Knowing these helps you accurately invoice and can alert you low supplies. Using Orthinc, your team can record any stock they have used in the field. They simply open the Orthinc app and select what stock they have used from a list. The used stock is automatically allocated in real-time to the job it was for. You can view all the used stock for the job in one easy display on your job’s page on desktop. The total cost of all used stock for each job is calculated for you using each item’s price per unit, allowing for fast accurate invoicing.

Whether you and your engineers want to note important information about the job, record updates about your job or share interesting developments; you’ll want to make notes.

On Orthinc, each job has its own dedicated notes area for focused communication and documentation. Here, you can write a note and attach an image in the press of a couple of buttons.

All of your notes are stored forever. Whenever you need them, a quick search will deliver the notes to your fingertips. No more shuffling through paperwork or computer files. It’s easy!

Images can say thousands of words and it can be extremely useful to share them. Using the Orthinc mobile app, you take images of your work and share them to your team in seconds.

The image is stored in a dedicated area for each job, for fast and focused communication. If you ever want to find it again some time in the future, it’ll be where you left it; Orthinc securely stores all of your pictures forever!

We’ve all been there. During big jobs, your client or site manager will make changes to item specifications and ask your team to do a few extra jobs over and above your original quote. This is all fine until it comes to billing; when you have forgotten about the variations or your client disputes that they even requested them. Ultimately, you can end up losing out on payment which can be very costly for your business.

Using Orthinc, you and your engineers can record these variations and avoid disputes with your client. It’s simple. When your client requests a variation, you simply open the Orthinc mobile app, type in the request and hit save. You have an accurate record of all extra work so you can include it in your invoice. As an extra step, if you have enabled variation order emails, a professional looking email is sent to your client detailing the extra work and asking for confirmation of it. If your client verifies the work, you and your team can proceed with it knowing that your client will pay in full – and if they don’t, you have proof of the work.

This feature has saved some of our users thousands of pounds in disputed extra work.

Signatures of your clients can be collected for a wide range of reasons. Whatever your reason, Orthinc will work for you.

It’s easy. You just open the app, slide over to notes and click the signature button. The signature stored as an image and assigned to your job forever!

During your job’s lifetime on Orthinc, from quote to invoice, all its information and data is collected and collated onto one simple display. At any time during the job, you can view an accurate summary of all your material cost, orders, labour costs, notes and more – just by clicking one button. All of your costs are calculated for you and all of your notes are sorted for you.

Simply transferring your job summary to your invoicing package allows for fast accurate invoicing.

If you wish to have hard copies of your jobs, Orthinc also turns every job into a beautiful report that can be easily printed out. This report tells you everything about your job in one simple format.

Whether you want a brief summary of your job or a detailed report, Orthinc is there for you.

Your list of clients and list of staff members each have their own dedicated space on Orthinc for improved organisation and focused management.

By adding your clients to Orthinc you can:

  • Assign clients to your jobs, allowing your staff to get directions to jobs and more.
  • Have all of your customer details including their phone numbers, addresses and more; all in one place.
  • Have all of your customer details including their phone numbers, addresses and more; all in one place.

By adding your staff to Orthinc you can:

  • Assign them to jobs. They can access the jobs out in the field and contribute information to the jobs, such as time spent working and materials ordered.
  • Keep all of your engineers’ details including how much you charge for them and how much they are paid, all in one place.
Field service management software on mobile Record time sheets, materials used and share files.


Set jobs for your engineers and as the jobs progress, they can send data back from the field; no more hassling your staff for information - it's all on Orthinc.







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