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CBN BUILDING SERVICES PRIDE THEMSELVES ON THEIR EXCELLENT STANDARD AND HIGH SPEED OF WORKMANSHIP. The team handles a both local and nationwide work, from new builds to renovations, each time with the aim of exceeding their clients’ expectations with respect to quality and speed. CBN result’s have been very positive, seeing a large expansion in the size of their team is just a few years.

A central factor in their success, Jenny tells us, is their shared job sheets on Orthinc.


Putting jobs on Orthinc saves us so much time and stress. Notes and files in one place, labour and materials in one place, all of this is awesome!

Jenny Caldwell
Head Office Administrator, CBN Building Services

CBN began using Orthinc at the same time they began growing. After Jenny created accounts for the engineers, they used the app whilst on-site to effortlessly add all of the necessary information the office needed to know about for each job.

This meant that instead of messing around searching through paper or multiple messaging apps, each jobs information was organised into a dedicated folder automatically. This way, CBN’s engineers could focus on getting the job done. And Jenny, the head office administrator, could focus on winning new jobs and growing the business.

“Let’s say we get a new job in, I simply assign the guys to it on Orthinc and they have all they need to get it done. Client details, site directions, instructions, materials list and timings. They can take any pictures, automatically record their hours, get up purchase order codes and anything else they need to let me know about, which comes together on a central job sheet for me”, Jenny says.

Working together on a shared place has also enabled CBN to more easily plan their work out. The whole team has access to the company’s schedule so that everyone know where they’re supposed to be at each hour of the day. “After I schedule in the jobs, the guys can open their app to see where they’re going and who’s working with them”, explains Jenny. “Now, instead of coming into the office each morning to look a whiteboard, they can save time by pushing directions on the app and going straight to the job site. We can then track that they have arrived on site and how much time they spend on site over the duration of the day. We’ve just started using it to add in holidays, too, which has reduced hassle when it comes to booking time off.”

“The development team at Orthinc are super responsive and are always happy to here suggestions for features - sometimes implementing them there and then. We have a great relationship with Orthinc and We’re looking forward to the new features coming so that we can expand our usage to bring even more improvements to our team.”

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