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With 45 engineers working on site, and multiple jobs per day, Orthinc’s powerful features and easy-to-use design allows Mundly Gas and Plumbing to keep track of every job from one platform.

MANAGING YOUR ENGINEERS AND KEEPING TRACK OF JOB DEVELOPMENTS SHOULDN’T BE STRESSFUL — but sometimes it feels that way. Mundly Gas and Plumbing, found themselves spending hours each day chasing up staff and organising paperwork.

Given their requirement to plan work in advance, easily track job progress and effectively communicate job information, the team needed a way to bring their staff management and job records to one central place.

Adam Ramsden, one of the engineers, began using Orthinc to simply make job notes, log his labour and record materials he had used on site, instead of using paper sheets. The rest of the team quickly got hooked once they discovered how easy it was to find important job information and share their on-site developments.

Knowing what work they had on and sending information back to the office was as easy as selecting today’s jobs and typing a note and hitting send.


A lot can happen during the day which means paperwork can quickly stack up. Orthinc allows us to see exact details required to complete each job and easily send information back to the office.

Adam Ramsden
Engineer, Mundly Gas & Plumbing

What now?

Both the office admins and engineers now find all of their job notes, materials, labour, variations and more in the same place that’s easily searchable. Engineers are now notified of what jobs they have on during the day through their mobile diaries and can build up job records in real time on site, saving time each morning and increasing transparency across the business.

Most of Mundly’s work is commercial, and they’ve seen great gains in productivity and client appreciation since adopting Orthinc. Mundly Gas and Plumbing can respond to requests from clients quicker, produce instantly more professional and accurate job reports and confirm variation orders without hassle. Clients receive a higher standard of workmanship and jobs are completed within a shorter time frame due to increased organisation and improved team communication.

Easy To Switch

Switching to software has also been made easy thanks to Orthinc’s simple to use design. The office administrators found the system very easy to navigate and new engineers pick up the mobile app quickly without the need for any training.

Handling multiple jobs between over a dozen engineers can be a headache, but with Orthinc, Mundly Gas and Plumbing keeps communication of job information simple.

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