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Orthinc was the first way to record job information and keep track of job costs outside of paperwork and spreadsheets.

Simon Jackson
Owner, SPJ Electrical Installations

SPJ Electrical Installations is a North West (UK) based company that services companies across the country including DHL, The Salvation Army and Wolseley UK. A company that has high expectations from its clients, SPJ is able to provide high quality installations within strict time-frames with the help of Orthinc. For SPJ, Orthinc has become a central tool for tracking on-site activity and job costs; so that their engineers can focus on delivering the highest standard of work.

As they’ve gained more clients across multiple locations handling dozens of installations, keeping job information organised and up to date hasn’t been easy. The number of WhatsApp messages and spreadsheet entries had had grown unmanageable. Sending tens of unordered messages per day back and forth to record job materials and labour put a strain on already busy employees, and office administrators needed a better system for keeping job information in one central place, now that spreadsheets were becoming messy and exhausting to use. In 2017, they started using Orthinc to improve how they communicated job details and recorded essential job data


Everything the engineers do, whether making a note, sharing a picture or logging hours, is updated on Orthinc in real time and organised for us - ready for when it comes to invoicing.

Simon Jackson
Owner, SPJ Electrical Installations

Orthinc began at SPJ with the office administrators, then spread to the engineers as a replacement for paper job sheets and messages over text, as well as a useful method of getting job details such as client contact information and site directions. Heather Page, the company’s main office administrator, describes Orthinc usage as a drive towards more accurate record-keeping while focusing on automated communication between staff: “There has definitely been an efficiency jump. The guys on site can send me what they’ve done in an instant and it's allocated to jobs for me. The costs are calculated automatically and so I can focus on helping clients instead of shuffling through paperwork or adding up data and inputting it onto spreadsheet”.

Engineers are happier to share materials that they have used and record their labour now that they have an easy-to-use app that organises their jobs and timesheet for them. SPJ describe a time when the company handed out over 30 paper job sheets per day and exchanged hundreds of unorganised messages containing notes and photos of work. As Orthinc usage has increased for the company, SPJ has been running almost completely paperless which has improved their organisation and data security.


We've lost some pretty important documents in the past which has cost us a decent amount of money. Keeping everything on Orthinc means that we know where to find it and its always there whenever we need it.

Simon Jackson
Owner, SPJ Electrical Installations

Some of the most popular features used at SPJ include the purchase order code feature, where engineers can bring up randomly generated order codes that tie into jobs for when buying stock. For larger jobs, SPJ also use the variations feature to confirm variations requested by the client. This prevents disputes with the client when it comes to billing later down the line.

By far the most used feature is note taking and image uploading. Orthinc makes it easy to write and share pictures for each job so that accurate records for each job can be easily and automatically produced. Each job has its own notes thread that can filtered by time, staff member and activity - which makes it easy for SPJ to find the exact information they need - instead of wasting time searching through files.

A Bright Future

Orthinc has helped SPJ Electrical Installations to build up accurate job records both on-site and in the office. With Orthinc, the company is more efficient and transparent, and can focus on providing the best service possible to their clients; helping them to win more jobs and get repeat business.

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