The one feature of Orthinc that we spend the most time on is security. We focus on not only securing your data from unlawful access, but also from accidental loss or damage:

When considering data loss, using Orthinc comes with inherent securtity benefits; all of your information is stored in one safe and easily accessible place in a way that simply isn’t possible in a traditional office.

Your data is instantly stored on the cloud and backed up regularly, protecting it against damage that physical documents face. Our servers are accessible 99.99% of the time, so you can access your data whenever you need it.

The data we handle is often highly confidential to both outside parties and other workers in your company. To protect information against outside attacks we use bank level encryption, follow the latest security standards and regularly engage in security tests.

To ensure that others in your company cannot see privileged information, we clearly highlight the people who can see the data you enter and rigorously test every update to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities.